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The Heron’s Landing was a start-up in February 2013. It was to have another operator that was lured away by a bank that held another restaurant property so we opened it ourselves as there were no other qualified people at what was the height of the subprime market. Not an easy task as none of us had prior restaurant experience. Year ‘19 was finally running good and in early March of 2020 we got a phone call from the Tavern League to close the next day at 5 p.m. because of COVID 19. An hour later, we got another call to close that same day at 5 p.m..

After a couple of days, we were allowed to open for carry-out only and against sound advice did so. It was after we were allowed to have dining that things worked out better. Our outdoor patio is a very safe place to avoid COVID 19 and it was a busy place where we met many new people as other restaurants had closed or did not have a patio like ours over looking the Rock River.

Our indoor dining is as safe as any restaurant as when we did the renovation, we built to Federal Food standards rather than State Food standards. Under Federal regulation, floors must be smooth and impermeable. That is, concrete rather than carpeting, wood, or ceramic tile. It can be cleaned and sanitized. We also installed in floor heating so that it is not only comfortable, but dries quickly. Our patio is also concrete with hot water. Another Federal regulation is the HVAC. Ours replaces air with new air at a rate of 85% per hour. The same air is not captive and conditioned. More expensive to install and operate but there is fresh air indoors always.

We also use a sanitizer not common to restaurants that is called Quat. It is an industrial sanitizer that we mix to 800 ppm that kills the COVID 19 virus and is effective for up to 24 hours. We sanitize tables after each use and do door handles routinely. We do an entire clean and sanitize each morning. We have individual paper towels in our rest rooms and not the warm air dryer which is actually an incubator for COVID 19.

Upon the start of their shift, each employee does a symptom check and records their temperature. Temperature must be below 100 degrees. If a customer appears ill we will ask to take their temperature. If over 100 degrees, we will ask them to leave, if 101 degrees recommend a doctor’s appointment, and if 102 degrees, go to the hospital.

To extend the enjoyment of our patio season our son Mike, “Chicken,” is adding heaters to our patio so that on a 45 degree sunny day in December will raise the temperature to a comfortable 65 degrees. Enjoy.