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A letter from the owners,
Hello Heron’s Community,
On Behalf of Ed, Caroline, and Mike Soleska (Chicken) we would like just to take some time to address some of the aspects of the interesting times that we as a society are currently dealing with of the Covid – 19 era we live in.
First we would like to whole heartily say Thank-you for the over whelming support during these times and your patience as we adjust our service.
Like, for all businesses an event like Covid is and adjustment and is trial and error. We at Heron’s Landing are constantly making adjustments and learning on how we can better improve the Restaurant for our guest and employee safety.
As many of you know we have cement flooring plus our outside Patio is also cement. Concrete is smooth and impermeable. This is a benefit for bacteria or virus are not living within carpet or wood fibers. Our H-vac system is state of the art and instead of just recycling air our system actually pulls air out and pushes out fresh pure clean air.
Our tables and chairs our promptly sanitized after use.
Our Menus are Paper and are disposed of after single use.
We also have Hand Sanitizer available
Dishes and silverware are washed and sterilized at 180 degrees.
Our seating inside consist of our guest positioned at every other table while maintaining a safe distance. Our Patio tables are spaciously positioned.

These are some of the steps we currently are undertaking to ensure everyone’s safety while being able to enjoy our wonderful view at the establishment and our tasty food and drinks. We will continue to adapt as needed.
Again we Thank-you
Ed, Caroline and Mike Soleska (Chicken)